Mitsui leading High-Speed Rail interest in Brazil

Mitsui & Co. (Brasil) S.A. is a well-known name in the railway sector in Brazil. In 1958 Mitsui built 90 train sets to the extinct operator FEPASA in São Paulo, in 1984 delivered 100 passenger trains to TRENSURB in Porto Alegre and in 1999-2000 built 90 metro trains to CPTM São Paulo.Since 2004 Mitsui is stakeholder of the first P3 (Public Private Partnership) project for a rail system in Brazil: ViaQuatro. This project proven to be successful in the design, financing, building and maintaining of the 12,8 km CPTM metro line 4 “Linha Amerela”. This driverless metro system is the most modern of Latin America transporting 630.000 passengers per day. In this project Mitsui partnered with Brazilian state (CCR), the gigant Odebrecht, Hyundai Rotem of Korea and Siemens.This week Mitsui and Hyundai were very active in the public consultation sessions organized by Brazilian agency for transportation (ANTT). It’s evident the intention of Mitsui to establish by itself as the leader in this phase of the project High-Speed train Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo-Campinas.Written by Ricardo Escudero Viñas


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