Argentina | President Cristina Fernández takes over the Belgrano Cargas line creating a new state owned rail cargo company | Argentina’s government has taken over the management of the run down Belgrano Cargas freight rail line by ousting concessionaire Soesa. “An important investment in new train cars” comes next, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said while announcing a government resolution that makes the takeover official. “If we don’t integrate production with logistics, we are going to lose competitiveness.”


The move puts an end to weeks of uncertainty over the future of Belgrano Cargas.Once the backbone of the country’s freight rail transport – with a network of over 10,000km throughout the country’s fertile northeastern provinces and some 4Mt/y of goods handled – the Belgrano Cargas has been steadily deteriorating over the last two decades, to the point that it transported less than 369,000t in the first six months of 2012. Today, trucks get the lion’s share in the local freight transport market, making the country in one of the region’s most expensive in terms of logistics costs.



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